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Backpackers love Bali. UPDATED UPDATE: As of 27th Nov Bali airport is closed due to the largest volcano in Bali, Mount Agung, having eruptued. Warung Bali at Kuta's night market is a firm favourite, serving up delicious seafood and Chinese for less than a quid. Caused by bacteria like and Salmonella, it is often contracted via contaminated food and water plus travelers not practising good hygiene.

The rich and vibrant culture of Balinese Hinduism is on full display in Ubud, while a walk along Campuhan Ridge or through the rice-fields reveals the complexity of the island's UNESCO-listed subak terrace system. For many, the largest irritant will be the hawkers and peddlers who linger around temples, malls, beaches, and anywhere tourists congregate.

There are huge great injustices in the world and yet for the large part those not suffering them get on their lives as if nothing is going on. You could even ask of any normal time period in Bali how people can enjoy their holiday knowing there are those that are struggling to be able to feed themselves so nearby in poorer areas.

Kuta is really that bad, but it's not the real Bali: Kuta is seedy, tasteless and full of tourists who find that sort of thing appealing, but don't judge the whole of Bali on it. It'd be like visiting Surfers Paradise during schoolies, and writing off the whole of Australia.

One of Bali's best restaurants, Locavore crafts its dishes from locally sourced ingredients. The ABTA travel association said: We continue to monitor the activity of volcano Mount Agung on the island of Bali. Holidaymakers could also catch a ferry from Gilimanuk on Bali to Banyuwangi on Java island, and then arrange onward travel by plane, car or ferry to Jakarta, from where Garuda Indonesia flies non-stop to London.

For travellers who need to depart from the country, there are free shuttles available from Ngurah Rai International Airport to Mengwi Bus Terminal where you take the boat to Java. Most people visit Lembongan Island for its renowned surfing, diving and snorkelling.

I have been in Bali long enough to have seen the airport closed 3 travel bali times due to ash clouds from volcanoes going off in Lombok and Java. DPS has an exit tax or airport tax currently (July 2014) of 75,000 IDR for domestic flights and 200,000 IDR for international flights.

Tap water in Bali is not drinkable, but bottled water is universally available and extremely inexpensive (Rp 5,000 or so for a 1.5 litre bottle); restaurants usually use commercially purified water for cooking. Travel both overland and on boats between white sandy beach islands, surf tropical paradises, meet amazing people, immerse yourself into the surf culture and experience amazing waves to suit your ability.

Despite the shocks of the terrorist attacks in 2002 and 2005, the island continues to draw crowds, and Bali's culture is as magnificent as ever. Experience Kuta's nightlife before hitting the bars in Gili Trawangan, see the sunset at Uluwatu, learn to surf and visit ancient temples and rolling rice paddies in Lovina and discover spiritual Ubud.

Balinese is a difficult language, and any visitor who makes an effort to speak a few words will be especially warmly received by the local people. Head to Hujan Locale , the Ubud outpost of celebrity chef Will Meyrick, for big, bold Indonesian flavors with a pan-Asian spin.

Two of my friends had their flights cancelled two days in a row, so they did what thousands of others have done this week and took a boat + bus transfer to the neighbouring island of Java, to Surabya Airport which has flights out of Indonesia and is helping deal with the overflow.

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